Silver White Winters that Melt in to Spring | Spring Home Decor 2019


I don’t know about you, but I am sick and tired of winter. In my mind, once February has passed I’m ready for warmer weather and spring time.

Now I’ve been compiling a bunch of new spring essentials for my room since January because in all honesty I have just not been in the wintery spirit. I did pick up one more cute spring sprig for a basket on my desk but other than that I finally have everything how I want it! If I can remember where I got everything I will link them under each picture, just in case you want something as well!


First let’s start off with my bedding. It’s one of my favorite places to be, but wouldn’t you say the same thing? There’s something about a nice cozy bed that you just have to love. My bedding was a duvet cover from Urban Outfitters from about 2 years ago (I linked a similar one that I would probably buy now); it’s one of my favorites with the pretty delicate design. My crocheted blanket was a homemade present from my grandma and it is one of my favorites! I’m not sure where the two accent pillows are from, but some of my favorites are my “Love you more”, button front, and my homemade pillow that my mom got me for Christmas that is from Homespunstitchbypeg on Etsy. Make sure you check out Peggy’s store she really does some beautiful things! As for the sign, it is one of my all time favorite signs that I own! I’d been eyeing it for a while and finally purchased it around Christmas. I am so in love with it!


I am in love with this cute black and white grid pitcher that I got from a local store here in St. Louis called White Rabbit. It is sold out but I found one that looks identical from Antique Farm House. Inside the pitcher I just have some lavender sprigs as well as some lambs ear. Also, ignore the price tag that I have obviously forgotten to take off. I know it is there, that is all. My letter board is from Hobby Lobby, the only thing I wish was that the letters were a little smaller. However, I ‘m sure I can find extra letters on Amazon. My Lemon Lavender candle is one of my absolute FAVORITE scents for the spring and summer time. There’s just something about it that just makes you feel good. I’m honestly not sure where my wooden candle pillar is from because I’ve had it so long, but there’s a similar one from Kirkland’s. Unfortunately the Honeysuckle Bouquet candle (which is one of my all time favorite scents I might add) is no longer sold, however they do have a plain Honeysuckle candle that I’ve linked.


Within my bookcase I have a few different “coffee table books” and what I like to call my little herb garden. I’m not sure where my planter is from, however the faux greenery is from Joanna Gaines’ Hearth and Hand collection at Target. On the left I have the Jade Stem and on the right the Sedum Stem. The best part? They’re only $2.99 a piece! These have been one of my favorite finds and I swear every time I see them in stock I clean them out again!


I think my favorite part of my room is the top of my dresser. There was just something so enjoyable about decorating this area for me!


Clearly I like Joanna Gaines, and so does the entire world. So this has become my Hearth and Hand section. Everything I’ve used (aside from the glass vase) is from her collection at Target. These Peony Stems are some of my favorites and you’ll see them later as well. I also have some of her Mint Stems inside this cute color block pitcher. In reality I should probably swap out my Sugared Birch candle because it definitely reminds me of winter, but I love the scent so much I just can’t part with it! I have all of this place on top of my Homebody book which you can find at any bookstore or even on Amazon! On another note, I was wondering where all of my bobby pins have gone… apparently they like Joanna Gaines as much as I do!


In the middle section I have another Peony Stem, see I told you I love them! My sign is once again from Hobby Lobby and is one of my favorites. You’ll see that I have a lot of signs jammed in my room, whoops. What can I say I’m addicted. My antique Bibles are from an estate sale for a member of my church and they are so incredibly special to me. If you like antique Bibles as much as my mother and I do I would say just hit up antique store or estate sales, you would never know the treasures you can find.


I’m not entirely sure where my lantern is from, but I found a similar one from Kirkland’s. Inside I have a Raspberry Peach Macaroon candle which is honestly so old I should probably just toss it. My dish is from Target back when they had their Valentine’s decorations and I just use it to hold my rings and Kendra Scott necklaces.


Next we have my work station. Now this has been the section that has been the biggest struggle because there have been a lot of changes to my desk over the past month. I got rid of a monitor so now I’m down to one (anyone that has been used to using two monitors to do anything will understand my current sadness). However, I finally think I have perfected this area… well, until I get bored again and decide to switch things up.


Once again, I have multiple things from the Hearth & Hand collection. If you have not smelled the Marine Moss candle you MUST. It is one of the freshest scents that I have ever smelled. Now the vase that I have… I literally CANNOT find it anywhere! So I’m sorry, but there are plenty of cute ones from her line as well; and who knows, maybe you’ll find it in store still! I then have this cute Coral Bell Berry Stem and a few other pieces of greenery just to make it a little more full. As for the sign, my mother gave it to me for my birthday a few years ago and I’m not entirely sure where it’s from.


There are a few areas that I haven’t changed like my vanity and nightstand, but other than that I finally feel like I’ve got my room how I like it! On top of that I did re-do my bathroom, so if you would like a similar post done about what I did in there just let me know!

I hope you all have a wonderful start to your week!